Today I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube searching for some of my favourite videos, and I thought I’d share some with you because, well, I’m just amazing like that Click on the images to watch the videos…

1. Robbie & Charlie (SYTYCD performance)

Apparently this routine was first performed in the US with a couple on there, but I prefer this one. Normally dance doesn’t move me to tears – I enjoy watching it immensely, but it’s the singing and acting that always tugs at my heart strings. But this, this was a whole other level of dance. I’ve never seen anything like it – it’s a lyrical piece telling the story of a woman suffering from breast cancer and the choreography as well as the perfect song choice make this an extremely moving piece.

2. Kym Marsh (Nella Fantasia)

To put it into context, Kym Marsh gave birth to Archie last year who was 18 weeks premature. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after being delivered and she said that this song reminded her of him. Nella Fantasia is about dreaming of a world that is good and peaceful and one of the lines is, “I dream of souls that are always free” which Kym struggled with. A very moving performance, and when performers make such a connection with the song, you can’t help doing the same.

3. Boyzone’s farewell

Although this is a song by a boyband, it’s also incredibly touching at the same time. Boyzone lost one of their bandmates, Stephen Gately, in October 2009 – he was 33 years of age, and died of natural causes. This is the first song they’re releasing without him, but he is very much present on the track singing throughout including the line, “I will learn to live before I die”. This video involves them writing their final letters to him – emotional stuff.

4. And now for the vomit

So let’s take the tone down a notch and go for some stomach churning stuff – this is one of the funniest things I saw last year, and I think this makes me a little bit disturbed. It’s a Bushtucker Trial from I’m A Celebrity – one of the infamous eating ones. Featuring Kim Woodburn, be warned of the retching noises (and some actual vomit) – if you don’t laugh, don’t judge me please… not to my face anyway.

5. The Axis Of Awesome

This video is amazing, and made my jaw drop. According to the description the song “proves that all you need to be a pop star is four simple chords”, and after watching this it’s clearly true. I like all of the songs featured which goes to show the variety of my musical tastes – not! Enjoy the moment, and then sit quietly trying to take it all in – it was one of those videos I watched and just had to share with everyone because I’m in awe of the sheer patience and effort that has gone into it. EPIC.

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